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I have an educational background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I was part of the New Left at UCSD in the 60s and a student of Herbert Marcuse. There I got interested in Social Choice Theory. Despite Kenneth Arrow's proof that Social Choice is impossible, I've shown that it is indeed possible. "The difficult we'll do right now. The impossible will take a little longer." I'm working on a new societal architecture called Preferensism.

A lifetime jazz fan, I founded the San Diego Jazz Society (now defunct) in 1984, and played trumpet in stage bands and small groups around San Diego in the 80s.

I've had a variety of jobs from bagboy to work on a construction crew to electrical engineer to computer scientist to journalist to selling newspapers on the street to painting contractor to musician to concert promoter to president of a non-profit corporation to windowcleaner to security guard to waiter to author to inventor. I've worked for Picatinny Arsenal, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, General Dynamics Convair, General Dynamics Fort Worth, Naval Electronics Laboratory which became Naval Electronics Laboratory Center which became Naval Ocean Systems Command which became Naval Research and Development. The name keeps changing to protect the guilty. I've had my own companies: Infocomp and General Algorithm.

I've been a husband, a father, a single Dad, a Grandfather. I've been a landlord, a tenant, homed and homeless (not necessarily in that order).

I think I'm a creative person because my mind wanders and I daydream a lot. So I'm always making connections and associations among different parts of my brain. I can be serious and then turn around and come up with something totally bizarre. I can also be logical, rational and analytical at times and think like a scientist. I almost never have writer's block, but can almost always string words together and come up with something to put down on paper or on the blog as the case may be. Talking, however, is not my strong suit unless I've had about 3 cups of coffee.

If you're offended by political or religious incorrectness, don't spend time with my blog! My heroes are Bill Maher and George Carlin. This blog is politically and religiously incorrect and, perhaps, ethnically insensitive! However, I will endeavor to keep "potty words," as my Granddaughters would say, to a minimum except for a few well-chosen expletives here and there! Commenters be warned! Filthy language will be edited out.

I'm basically a non-conformist and an independent thinker. Politically, I don't consider myself a liberal or a conservative, and, since I'm not confined to the political spectrum, I am an upist and a forthist in 3 dimensional political hyperspace!


Website: Social Choice and Beyond, Jazz, Art, Travel, Societal Architecture, Information Theory, my Grandchildren